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About Coachella Valley Home Watch

The Louis Moreto and David McComb team means that you get the owners of the company taking care of your home.  We will treat your home as though it was ours.  We came to the desert and quickly realized this was a service that was clearly needed.  But who are we?  Here is a short biography:

Louis Moreto

Louis was a police officer for 27 years.  He worked in all areas of law enforcement and rose through the ranks to Chief of Police.  His experience as a police officer has given him the skills and a trained eye to identify problems or areas of concern.  When he visits your house, he can point out those things to make your house safer.  He can provide you peace of mind that your house is safe when you are away from your desert property.

David McComb

David was a manager for a home decorating business for fifteen years before opening his own decorating business in the Central New Jersey area.  He has been doing home repair and decorating for decades.  He has dealt with all types of service people and contractors and can “talk their talk” to make sure any repairs goes off without a hitch